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Fasting Mimicking Diet: What Is It & What Are the Benefits?

Odds are you’ve heard about fasting. Defined as "abstinence from eating," the potential medical benefits have increasingly been substantiated in animal and medical research projects and now extend to enhance cognitive function.

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Fasting Mimicking Diet & Fasting for Longevity, Cancer, & Energy with Dr Joel Kahn and Ari Whitten

Today, I am talking to Dr. Joel Kahn, a holistic cardiologist, who has adopted fasting as a part of his treatment plan for his patients.

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What Stem Cells Really Are + How to Boost Them Naturally for Regenerative Health

The results of an important 2018 study in the journal Cell Stem Cell showing that fasting for 24 hours augmented stem cell function in mice blasted the headlines of every major news outlet.

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