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Robert Bly, Poet, About Zeus Energy, Fatherhood and Manhood, with Bill Moyers 1990

Robert Bly interviewed by Bill Moyers in 1990. Part of a long interview dealing with being a man in modern society and the confusing role of the father in the life of men both old and young and how most fathers only share their temperament when they get home but not their teaching.

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The Beautiful, Hard Work of Co-Parenting | Joel Leon

"Co-parenting" isn't a buzzword -- it's a way of showing up for your family openly, consistently and lovingly, says storyteller and father Joel Leon.

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Dr. Robert Johnson—Initiation and the Modern Ego

Dr. Robert Johnson—author, lecturer, analyst—discusses masculine initiation as it relates to the modern ego of the western male in his film In Search of the Holy Grail.

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