Fellowship and Community

Community refers to a group of people joined by common experiences. Fellowship occurs between people who share a common goal or understanding through providing mutual support and enjoyment of one another’s company. These terms have sometimes been used in strict contexts within religious and spiritual settings, but their use has expanded and overlapped to include all sorts of groupings. Though they take care, energy, and intention to build and maintain, fellowship and community provide important opportunities to satisfy the need to belong and be accepted, and for us to practice welcoming and accepting others in turn.

Yoga and Tea

My rule for spiritual practice is simple: You can go as high as you want in your yearning for perfection, as long as you have an equally deep base on the ordinary comforts of everyday life.

Entangled with the World

Bayo Akomolafe discusses his short course for Schumacher College called “Radical Activism, Education and Emergence: Entangled with the World.” The course was a beautiful time spent at the borderlands of the familiar. A coming down to earth.

The Power of Community: An Interview with Mark Nepo

In every generation, we discover through great love and great suffering that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; that, in essence, we are more together than alone.

Stronger Together: When Self-Care Becomes Community Care

Self-care has become a buzzword, a mantra, and a commodity over the past few years. The upside is that people are learning to take responsibility for their own well-being in a variety of ways.

The 36-Hour Dinner Party

Shared meals have always been about community, about what happens among family and friends—even enemies—when they gather around a table to eat; but once upon a time, before every family had its own kitchen in which Mom labored more or less alone, cooking was itself a social activity, one that fo...

Does Dietrich Bonhoeffer Have Any Relevance for Today?

In these days of solitude and waiting, we have to remain connected to the sources of our strength.

They Sang with a Thousand Tongues: The Poetry of Diversity

Let me tell you a story about how the world began. I promise you the story is not completely untrue. Yoruba elders say that when the world began, there was only sky and water. The Supreme Being, Olórun, ruled the firmaments, while the Divine Feminine, Olokun, was master of the raging seas.

Romantic Love Isn’t the Only Type of Love to Pursue in Our Lives

Love is not found in just one person, but in many people and many aspects of our daily lives.

Football fan groups condemn 'ultimate betrayal' of European Super League

Football fan groups have reacted angrily to the prospect of the European Super League, calling it the "ultimate betrayal" and "cynical greed."

Latino activists push for solidarity with Black community as they confront racism

Many Latino activists have sought to create understanding for Black Lives Matter within their community by emphasizing the societal inequalities both groups face and how their prosperity is tied.


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