Female Empowerment

Female empowerment is the process of making social power available to women at the same capacity of men in a traditionally patriarchal system. It is the active valuing of women’s inherent strength, capabilities, beauty, viewpoints, and wisdom in response to standards and expectations that have diminished them in relation to those of men in both public and private spheres. Female empowerment has been proven to aid positive economic, social, and political transformation in a male-dominated world.

The Path We Walk as Women

In the commentary from the Fall 2019 special women’s issue of Buddhadharma, Jan Willis reminds us of the powerful role of women in Buddhism, historically and today.

An Interview with Jetsünma Tenzin Palmo

“The head nun just started crying. Of course I like to make offerings and to honor. But in 20 years of doing this … it’s all been males. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to honor a female.” - Head nun, Drupka nunnery about Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Forum: Hear Our Voices

Myokei Caine-Barrett, Narayan Helen Liebenson, Rebecca Li, and Myoan Grace Schireson share their experiences and insights into being a female teacher and leader in today’s world.

Waking Up to Patriarchy

You might think being a nun is very difficult and restrictive, but for them, ironically, it’s actually freedom from the alternative, which would be to get married, have a child every other year, work in the fields, work in the home, take care of their aged families, often while married to someone ...

Tara, the First Feminist

Since becoming ordained four decades ago, Lama Tsultrim Allione has faced her share of challenges and sexism. Throughout it all, Tara’s vow to work for the benefit of all beings in a woman’s body has been a source of guidance and inspiration.

Daisy Khan, an Eloquent Face of Islam

Since the summer, Ms. Khan, a former architectural designer, has emerged as an eloquent and indefatigable public face of the maelstrom surrounding Park51, the Islamic community center and mosque that she and her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, are trying to build two blocks north of ground zero.

Making Our Way: On Women and Buddhism

Grace Schireson, Christina Feldman, Rita Gross, and Lama Palden Drolma discuss how women are defining new roles as Buddhist leaders, teachers, and practitioners. Introduction by Sandy Boucher

Denmark’s Feminist Mosque Founder Challenges Norms

Scandinavia’s first female-led house of Islamic worship, where Friday prayers are for women only, is riling conservatives.

Efforts by Women of Faith to Achieve Gender Equality

For years, women have struggled to gain equality in all areas of life—from the home to the workplace, and especially in positions of leadership. Despite being 50.8 percent of the population, only 14.

An ‘emerging voice’ on gender, identity, and religion

Brianne Painia was always interested in how the strong women who helped raise her were able to reconcile a self-assured independence with a Southern Baptist faith that sometimes suppressed it.


Women’s Well-Being