Finding Meaning

Searching for—and finding—meaning is a deeply human drive. There is a frequent deep desire to believe that all of existence is working together in a purposeful way to some end or according to some design. It is not at all uncommon to find ourselves in a crisis of meaning at some point in our lives, brought on by significant losses or transitions, or by changes in our work and relationships. Though some find great freedom and joy in concluding that life has no meaning at all, many find this perspective to be depressing or terrifying. Different religious and secular worldviews around the world are centered on providing an answer for this search for meaning, and these answers frequently instill a sense of purpose and satisfaction in those that adopt them.

Meaning Is Healthier Than Happiness

People who are happy but have little-to-no sense of meaning in their lives have the same gene expression patterns as people who are enduring chronic adversity.

Viktor Frankl on the Human Search for Meaning

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

An Ex-Monk's Advice on How to Follow Your True Path

Jay Shetty is focused on helping people pursue what's meaningful rather than what "makes sense."

15 Ways to Find Your Purpose of Life and Realize Your Meaning

Reading my philosophy thesis was like receiving an email from my 25-year-old self. “You don’t find meaning; you create it,” was my answer to the question, what is meaning?

Once More Unto the Breach...

Many of the mornings on many of the days in the lives of many of the people on this planet, it’s not very easy to find a very good reason to throw back the covers and get out of bed.

3 Keys to Living the Life You Want

As I travel around the globe speaking and training, I have consistently found that most people ask me the same question, “How do I discover my purpose in life?”

Caroline Shola Arewa: The Meaning of Life – Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace

As humans we are meaning making machines. We have the capacity to reflect on life, to shape our lives consciously. We can be aware of every waking moment and what we are creating in it. We can live our Lives on Purpose, with Passion, in Peace.

Holocaust Survivor Viktor Frankl Explains Why If We Have True Meaning in Our Lives, We Can Make It Through the Darkest of Times

In one school of popular reasoning, people judge historical outcomes that they think are favorable as worthy tradeoffs for historical atrocities. The argument appears in some of the most inappropriate contexts, such as discussions of slavery or the Holocaust.

Living On Purpose

Dan Millman used to think happiness was the most fundamental human desire. Now, he believes that what we seek, most fundamentally, is meaning, purpose, direction, and connection.

What Is Spiritual Purpose?

Finding a spiritual purpose is not so much about finding the meaning of life, but rather about becoming your best self as you move through life.


Search for Purpose