Finding Meaning

Searching for—and finding—meaning is a deeply human drive. There is a frequent deep desire to believe that all of existence is working together in a purposeful way to some end or according to some design. It is not at all uncommon to find ourselves in a crisis of meaning at some point in our lives, brought on by significant losses or transitions, or by changes in our work and relationships. Though some find great freedom and joy in concluding that life has no meaning at all, many find this perspective to be depressing or terrifying. Different religious and secular worldviews around the world are centered on providing an answer for this search for meaning, and these answers frequently instill a sense of purpose and satisfaction in those that adopt them.


The Psychology of Conformity

This video, building on the ideas of Ernest Becker, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Emerson, examines why we are so susceptible to conformity and looks at why nonconformity, or the cultivation of one’s uniqueness, is such an important ingredient in a life well-lived.


Abraham Maslow and the Psychology of Self-Actualization

In this video, we explore what it means to self-actualize and examine why most people struggle at this all-important task.


2012: A New Beginning—Barbara Marx Hubbard

Richard Garner, host of The One Network TV, has an enlightening conversation with Barbara Marx Hubbard on the 2012 phenomena. Don't miss this one. Barbara Marx Hubbard is a powerful yet gentle speaker who puts things into perspective. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.


Finding More Joy & Purpose Through Core Values

This video offers a simple exercise to help you identify your unique set of core values. Knowing and living by your values is a tremendously helpful tool.


Workplaces Suffocate Human Potential—Sallomé Hralima—TEDxWesleyanU

Sallome Hralima returns to campus to discuss the common workplace, and how, specifically, the modern office environment and social structures embraced by many contemporary business fail to promote employee creativity, individual thought, and potential.


Search for Purpose