Finding Meaning

Searching for—and finding—meaning is a deeply human drive. There is a frequent deep desire to believe that all of existence is working together in a purposeful way to some end or according to some design. It is not at all uncommon to find ourselves in a crisis of meaning at some point in our lives, brought on by significant losses or transitions, or by changes in our work and relationships. Though some find great freedom and joy in concluding that life has no meaning at all, many find this perspective to be depressing or terrifying. Different religious and secular worldviews around the world are centered on providing an answer for this search for meaning, and these answers frequently instill a sense of purpose and satisfaction in those that adopt them.


How to Judge Your Life Using 3 Simple Questions | Brendon Burchard Speech| Goalcast

Earn Your Blessings speech: Brendon Burchard recounts how a tragic heartbreak and a near-death experience led him to discover the 3 most important questions you can ask yourself.


The Real Meaning of Life

A quick look into the real meaning of life: why nothing really matters. Of course, we have a purpose to fulfill. What is it? That purpose is up to you. In the end, it doesn't even matter.


Simon Sinek: How to Make Your Life a Success | Inc.

In this revealing interview, Simon Sinek chronicles the journey of finding his own “why,” how he came up with his ideas, and how he eventually became one of the country’s most recognized thought leaders.


If You Feel Lost in Life - Watch This


Why the World Is Going Crazy—and How to Win Back Our Minds | Jamie Wheal | Big Think

The speed at which civilization is progressing has become overwhelming for modern humans and has caused what Jamie Wheal (author of Recapture the Rapture, founder of the Flow Genome Project, and host of the Collective Insights Podcast) calls a “collapse of meaning.” For many, Meaning 1.


The Real Reason You're Feeling Unfulfilled | a New Earth | Oprah Winfrey Network

According to spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, everything you need to be happy is already inside you; you just have to be present to access it. Watch as he explains how getting lost in your own head can keep you from feeling whole and advises how to combat that tendency.


How to Discover Your Calling

In this video, you’ll learn seven simple ways to identify your calling - and we’ll also talk about resistance and self-doubt around our callings.


There's More to Life Than Being Happy - Emily Esfahani Smith

Our culture is obsessed with happiness, but what if there's a more fulfilling path? Happiness comes and goes, says writer Emily Esfahani Smith, but having meaning in life - serving something beyond yourself and developing the best within you - gives you something to hold onto.


A 97-Year-Old Philosopher Faces His Own Death


Martin Luther King, Jr., "What Is Your Life's Blueprint?"

Rarely seen footage of Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking to students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia on October 26, 1967, where he delivered his speech "What Is Your Life's Blueprint?"


Search for Purpose