Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment that begins by looking for the root cause of an illness or chronic condition. This methodology requires an in-depth understanding of each patient’s personal history, genetic makeup, and biochemistry. Treatment is designed for each patient uniquely, and can include a range of modalities, from food and nutrition to bodywork to probiotics or prescription medicines.

I Tried This Trendy Plant-Based Diet for My Inflammation—Here’s What Happened

Will Cole talks about the evolution of his health journey that started when he was a student in college.

Tools and Tips for a Plant-Based Ketogenic Diet

Approaching any new way of eating—whether it’s learning cheese is not your friend or trying to cut out gluten to see how you feel—is tough.

A Sit Down with Dr. Will Cole, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Will Cole's work has gained such a following because it is informative, practical, and addresses many ‘hot topic’ health issues facing people today such as thyroid issues, autoimmunity, and hormonal dysfunctions.


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