Gender Issues in Spiritual Life

There can be deeply embedded cultural and social gender prejudices in any religion or spiritual practice, with biases that especially alienate, dominate, and exclude women and LGBTQIA people. Even as there are small, dynamic, and growing movements within various faiths and practices searching for ways to achieve gender equality and non-masculine perspectives, exploring spirituality in the context of such prejudice can be challenging.


What Islam Really Says About Women | Alaa Murabit

Alaa Murabit's family moved from Canada to Libya when she was 15. Before, she’d felt equal to her brothers, but in this new environment she sensed big prohibitions on what she could accomplish.


Inside Scandinavia's First Women-Only Mosque

The Danish capital Copenhagen is home to Scandinavia's first mosque run entirely by and for women. The Mariam mosque is headed by the feminist Sherin Khankan. Only women can be imams and take part in the Friday prayers.


Why amina wadud Led a Mixed-Gender Muslim Prayer

amina wadud, a scholar of Islam and co-founder of the group Sisters in Islam, explains why she led a mixed-gender Muslim prayer, during Chautauqua Institution's 2011 panel discussion, "Jewish, Christian and Muslim Women Seeking Clergy Equality," moderated by Moment Magazine's editor and publisher, N...


The Noble Struggle of Amina Wadud

On March 18, 2005, Amina Wadud shocked the Islamic world by leading a mixed-gender Friday prayer congregation in New York.


Sherin Khankan - How Can We Talk About Islam?

For today's guest on ”How can we?” we have Denmark's, probably Scandinavia's, first female imam, Sherin Khankan. Navid and Sherin talks about feminism, equal rights and the 9 theses of Muslim reform.


Female Imams in Copenhagen | DW English

Sherin Khankan is the daughter of a Christian and a Muslim. In 2016 she founded a mosque in central Copenhagen. She wants to challenge the view of Islam as a religion that hates non-believers and combat Islamophobia.


Exclusive Interview with Sherin Khankan on Denmark's First Female Run Mosque produces this interview with Sherin Khankan.


Public Interview with Amina Wadud and Kecia Ali 2 8 18


Sherin Khankan: Can Islam Be a Feminist Religion?

Sherin Khankan is Denmark's first female imam and founder of the first mosque for women in Europe.


Islamic Feminism with Amina Wadud - Part 1

Renowned Islamic scholar amina wadud (name deliberately spelt in lower case as per her request) was invited to Birmingham for an International Women's Day event by Muslim Women's Network UK. The conversation with amina wadud took place on 3rd March 2020.


Female Empowerment