Gender Issues in Spiritual Life

There can be deeply embedded cultural and social gender prejudices in any religion or spiritual practice, with biases that especially alienate, dominate, and exclude women and LGBTQIA people. Even as there are small, dynamic, and growing movements within various faiths and practices searching for ways to achieve gender equality and non-masculine perspectives, exploring spirituality in the context of such prejudice can be challenging.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Saw the Biblical Deborah as a Role Model

As the president of Union, Serene Jones had the chance to spend a lot of time with Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she visited, both behind and in front of the stage she held so nobly.

Daisy Khan, the “Ground Zero Mosque”—and 700 Million Muslim Women

She explained how, after 9/11, she felt a special responsibility to speak up for the vast majority of Muslims who embrace democracy and human rights, and to address the vexed issues of violence, status of women, leadership, and democracy within Islam. - Jesse Larner

Three Women's Memoirs Chronicle Arduous, Lifelong Odysseys

Her (Khan's) memoir's title alludes to a dream she had that her family said predicted she would do great things. And she has. - Diane Scharper

"A Cup of Tea" with Daisy Khan, Muslim Feminist

Powerful feminist voices aren’t always recognized when they come from Muslims.


Female Empowerment