Global Challenges & digital life

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The Metaverse could be a problem.

Facebook has changed to Meta, because they're building the Metaverse. This is going to change our lives. Here's how.

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Our Best Selves | Jamie Wheal | SU Global Summit

In a world of exponential change, one of our greatest challenges is to remain centered on what makes us human. Jamie Wheal, co-author of Stealing Fire, shows how we can achieve a state of Flow, helping us to perform at our best, live our happiest and most fulfilled lives—and to be our best selves.

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This Is Why Creativity and Empathy Will Be as Important as AI in the Jobs of the Future

Technology is radically transforming the world of work. But despite AI’s rapid advancements, robots will never be able to do everything humans can. Saadia Zahidi explains how creativity and empathy will be more important in the future, as jobs grow in professions such as caregiving and teaching.

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Environmental Exploitation