Goal Setting

Having goals—where we want to go or accomplish in any area of our lives and by when—help keep our energies focused and organized, whether in work, educational, or personal practices. Clearly defined and manageable goals can help us accomplish amazing things; however, it’s not always intuitive how map out a path that will keep us from being discouraged when challenges interrupt our plans. Tried-and-tested goal-setting strategies give us the wisdom to set achievable targets that keep us motivated and on track. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


How to Design Your Destiny

This is Brendon filmed in a single take and unscripted, just ranting about life without notes or a prompter.


How to Use the Power of Intention - Barbara Marx Hubbard ( Part 3/3)


How to Deal with Your Cravings - Yung Pueblo | London Real

Diego Perez is the meditator, writer, and speaker known as Yung Pueblo. His message of self-healing, self-love and the wisdom that comes, with truly knowing ourselves now reaches hundreds of thousands on social media.


Habit Formation