Living a brave life is not always easy; stumbling is inevitable. So how do we push forward toward the goals we feel give our lives meaning? By cultivating grit: the ability to summon inner courage and strength of character. Grit is that extra oomph needed to have faith in ourselves and where we are in our process of achieving our goals, even if our goals seem farther away than ever. It’s what fuels the endurance of painful and discouraging setbacks, giving us trust in our own capacities to persevere and the passion to keep striving.

5+ Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset Using Grit and Resilience

Grit, resilience, and growth mindset are intertwined. Some believe these traits are innate, but others . . . believe they can be developed.

True Grit

It may be obvious that effort and stamina are required to accomplish anything worthwhile in life. But how easy is it to forget this fact in moments when we feel tortoise-like relative to our seemingly hare-like peers?

Why Grit Isn’t Everything

Interview with Professor Angela Duckworth