Living a brave life is not always easy; stumbling is inevitable. So how do we push forward toward the goals we feel give our lives meaning? By cultivating grit: the ability to summon inner courage and strength of character. Grit is that extra oomph needed to have faith in ourselves and where we are in our process of achieving our goals, even if our goals seem farther away than ever. It’s what fuels the endurance of painful and discouraging setbacks, giving us trust in our own capacities to persevere and the passion to keep striving.

The Virtue of Hard Things

A study of Ivy League undergraduates showed that the smarter the students were, as measured by SAT scores, the less they persevered.

Angela Duckworth on Passion, Grit and Success

Angela Duckworth was teaching math when she noticed something intriguing: The most successful students weren’t always the ones who displayed a natural aptitude; rather, they displayed something she came to think of as grit.

Why Angela Duckworth Thinks “Gritty” Leaders Are People to Emulate

In recent years, Duckworth’s concept, which says that a combination of perseverance and passion helps predict a person’s success, has become both a popular and controversial idea in the education world.

How Important Is Passion? It Depends on Your Culture

Judging job candidates by their passion may be biased against certain cultures, a new study finds.