Living a brave life is not always easy; stumbling is inevitable. So how do we push forward toward the goals we feel give our lives meaning? By cultivating grit: the ability to summon inner courage and strength of character. Grit is that extra oomph needed to have faith in ourselves and where we are in our process of achieving our goals, even if our goals seem farther away than ever. It’s what fuels the endurance of painful and discouraging setbacks, giving us trust in our own capacities to persevere and the passion to keep striving.

5+ Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset Using Grit and Resilience

Grit, resilience, and growth mindset are intertwined. Some believe these traits are innate, but others . . . believe they can be developed.

Parenting as a Spiritual Quest

Sage’s birth brought unseen blessings and I’d surreptitiously become a devotee of his teachings. I don’t believe I was his parent so much as he was my teacher. He taught me that love and a mission to serve will move obstacles from any path.

Build Mental Endurance Like a Pro

Athletes who have endured the most grueling tests have a lot to tell us about how to thrive in the pandemic.

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection and Achieve Success

“No” doesn’t have to be the end of the story. You can learn how to reject rejection, and look at it as an opportunity to progress forward and even excel at the very thing you were rejected for.

I Thought Grit Would Bring Me Success. It Almost Killed Me

I wasn’t good at practicing self-compassion. My expertise was grit—in fact, I’m one of the “grittiest” people I know.

Why Hope Matters

Hoping we can make things better is the secret to doing so.

Patience Is a Superpower

In low seasons, while you sit in the waiting room of life, patience is a superpower. But by adopting these seven mindsets, you can run circles around life’s challenges.

How to Bounce Back from Rejection

Vying for a major promotion or new job, selling big ticket offerings, or pitching high-stakes ideas to your boss, are all potential places for significant rejection. But there are some strategies to help you overcome the tendency to internalize it and effectively channel your herculean grit.

The 3 Ways That Happy People Deal with Problems

Happy people are good at dealing with problems in ways that help them to maintain their mood, while still dealing with issues effectively.

15 Bulletproof Strategies for Achieving Your Goals

Achieving any goal in life isn’t just about setting clearly defined goals and wanting them badly enough. You also have to deploy the right strategies for actually achieving them.