Guided Meditation

Guided meditation provides a simple way to get started with a meditation practice. Podcasts, apps, videos, and yoga studios provide instant access to experts who talk through meditation techniques—breathing exercises, mantras, visualizations, and more. Guided meditations typically range from 5 to 30 minutes and open up space for quiet and disconnection from a harried world.


Learn About Relaxation, Compassion & Self-Love in This Monday Meditation with Joan Borysenko

Cultivate empathy for yourself, decrease stress and increase your happiness quotient with this week’s Monday Meditation featuring Joan Borysenko.


Compassionate Body Scan - A Guided Meditation by Kristin Neff

This compassionate body scan by Kristin Neff is a beautiful practice for deepening our sense of self-compassion and body awareness. Sometimes when we do a body scan meditation, we encounter uncomfortable feelings and emotions, which is where compassion comes in.


Meditation Self-Compassion for Parents

This guided meditation from Yael Shy, founder and director of MindfulNYU, will help moms and dads cultivate self-compassion so they can be kinder and gentler with themselves.


The Power of Self Compassion: (A Guided Meditation with Spring Washam)

This powerful guided meditation on "Self Compassion" where I will offer heart advice and beautiful teachings on how to practice Self Compassion at any moment. Self-compassion is being warm, loving, and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate.


Healing Shame: A Guided Meditation with Tara Brach

This meditation brings the clarity and self-compassion of RAIN to the suffering of self-aversion and/or shame. It helps us see the conditioning that shaped what we judge about ourselves, and helps us remember who we are beyond our habitual and painful self-narrative.


Self-Compassion Break (Audio Meditation)

Chris Germer is a clinical psychologist, meditation practitioner, author, and teacher of mindfulness and compassion in psychotherapy and everyday life. He is also Co-developer of the Mindful Self-Compassion training program, along with Kristin Neff.


How to Make Self-Compassion Work for You – Kristin Neff

Dan Harris talks to Kristin Neff about the counterintuitive power of self-compassion


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