Habit Formation

A habit is any repeated routine of behavior that we tend to perform subconsciously. Habit formation affects our brains, growing certain neural pathways and pruning others so that the habit is reinforced and thus easier to accomplish with minimal effort. Often, we acquire habits without realizing what we’re doing, but with a bit of conscious effort, it is possible to cultivate—or change—a habit. Since our brains are wired to function according to habit, it’s important to assess our current habits and decide which ones are worth keeping, which ones no longer serve us, and what new habits we might create to help us achieve our goals and better align with our vision for our lives.

Rewire Your Food Cravings and Triggers

Bringing awareness to our food cravings can change our relationship to them—we can be with that craving rather than be caught up in it.

Why Cultivating Failure Might Improve Your Weight

To get healthy, embrace imperfection.

Get Stressed. Eat. Repeat. How We Can Break Stress Eating Habits Simply by Paying Attention

With a bit of training in mindfulness, we can first recognize and then learn to step out of our old habit loops of eating. One bite at a time.


Goal Setting