Happiness is a feeling of contentment, of feeling satisfied and fulfilled. While happiness is a pleasant feeling, it is often falsely equated with a state of inner peace. Placing “finding happiness” as your goal in life can perpetuate a cycle of suffering, as all feelings are temporary and come and go quickly. Many teachers from spiritual and psychological traditions reiterate that striving for happiness in itself will generally leave us feeling let down and unfulfilled, but striving for fulfilment and compassion toward others will often have the side effect of happiness.


The U-curve of happiness: Why old age is a time of psychological bliss - Ashton Applewhite

The U-curve of happiness shows that we humans are most content at the beginnings and ends of our lives.


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People are living longer but are they living better? Around the world, many over 65’s are starting to embrace retirement through new experiences, adventure and most importantly community, as they surround themselves by people that not only alleviate or even eliminate loneliness but also reinvigora...


The Secrets of Happiness & Longevity: Dan Buettner & Marie Forleo discuss Blue Zones

Looking for the secret of happiness? Interested in the science of longevity? Dan Buettner is the man to follow.


The Blue Zones of Happiness - Dan Buettner

Do you think life is long or short? Do you find life hard or easy? Survey results show that the happiest people are those who think of life as both long and easy – but most people think life is short and hard.