Healing Approaches

Healing approaches across the globe address mind, body, and spirit in the context of human connection to our environment and culture. In the Western world, healing approaches are often compartmentalized and only address one health issue at a time. When used together to address all aspects of health, healing approaches can help us understand our overall wellness and the connectedness of all things. Such methods as acupuncture, herbal remedies, Chinese medicine, meditation, and movement therapies address mental and emotional health in the context of our physical bodies, allowing us to approach our healing from a variety of angles. Other examples of healing approaches include yoga, dreamwork, alternative food paths, guided imagery, bodywork, psychic therapy, journaling, breathwork, and many more. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Architects of Change: Martha Beck

Maria Shriver sits down with author and friend Martha Beck for an Architects of Change LIVE conversation.


David Reilly: Human Healing Unlocked—Transforming Suffering into Wellbeing

From germinating 30,000 year old seeds to the effects of Type II diabetes on the National Health Service, Dr David Reilly MD’s fast paced talk on how to unlock the potential of human healing is both fascinating and touching.


Stephen Levine: Conscious Living, Conscious Dying — Thinking Allowed DVD W/ Jeffrey Mishlove

Genuine healing occurs when we take ourselves mercifully into our own hearts and accept the totality of our lives. This healing of the soul or spirit, says Stephen Levine, is independent of bodily healing. We harden our hearts when we fail to forgive ourselves of our own pain.


How Energy Medicine Can Heal and Revitalize Your Health | Donna Eden

In this video, Donna Eden and David Feinstein share how using the energies of your body can bring on more vitality and energy than you ever knew was possible.


Queen Afua Sacred Woman Awaken the Healer Within

As a documentarian of this event I laughed and cried with the participants as Queen Afua shared her wonderful gifts and skill set. She encouraged the women to be healers not only of themselves, but of others.


Conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton About Sound Healing

A conversation with Biologist, Speaker, and Author Dr. Bruce Lipton about his experience of the Soundshower and his understanding of vibrational healing. Talking about how and why sound works and helps to reduce stress and pain and restores a more harmonious being.


Gangaji: the Need to Heal

If what it is you want it to simply to be done with this woundedness then you will continue to search for something that temporarily at least makes you feel better.


Mind-Body Connection