Helping Children Deal with Emotions

If you are a parent or adult involved in the lives of children, you will undoubtedly encounter moments in which the children or adolescents in your life are overwhelmed by their emotions. As adults, we have a responsibility to help them identify and express their feelings in healthy, productive ways and to learn to regulate their emotions overall. There is an ever-increasing number of theories, strategies, and resources for helping the children in our lives gain skills to become healthy, empathetic, and resilient adults.

How to Nurture Empathy in Children

Children are hard-wired for empathy, but it needs to be gently brought to life. Adults are in a prime position to nurture and develop empathy and emotional wisdom in their children.

Heart-Mind Challenge: Solving Problems Peacefully

The strategies that children and youth use to resolve conflict change as they grow up. Stages of brain development are highly influential to both how children approach conflict and to the kinds of support adults can offer to build skills.

How to Raise Empathetic Kids: 5 Simple Things All Parents Should Do

Raising an empathetic and kind kid is a beautiful thing, but it’s also important to prepare kids for the real world.

Three Ways to Raise Empathic Kids So They Become Compassionate Adults

Considering how to make the children in our lives better people helps us reflect on how we ourselves can be more compassionate.

Cultivating Empathy in My Children, from a Neuroscience Perspective

Empathy is divided into cognitive, emotional and applied empathy, all of which are valuable. For empathy to truly be useful to the human condition, our kids must have applied empathy, or compassion.

To Raise Kids with More Empathy, We Need to Do Everything Wrong

Non-cognitive skills—like emotional literacy, managing emotions, collaborating, joy and empathy—are the hidden secret of school success and what our 21st-century kids need to thrive.