Human Potential

Human potential describes the ability of us, as humans, to improve ourselves to become a not-yet-realized state of whatever we can imagine for ourselves and our societies. Human potential is usually thought of on a global or species-wide scale, though each community may have different views of what our limits may look like. However, we can only approach human potential through individual action and dedication, pushing ourselves to test against our physical, biological, and mental limits, seeing what are true limitations and what are just self-limiting beliefs or restrictions that can be worked around with ingenuity and determination. Nurturing curiosity—an open mind with self-reflection—leads to the attention, study, and practice required to realize the vision we set for ourselves.


Martin Seligman: ‘Flourishing—a New Understanding of Wellbeing’ at Happiness & Its Causes 2012

See Martin Seligman at an exclusive afternoon event in Sydney 18 April hosted by Happiness & Its Causes.


Martin Seligman: Wellbeing Before Learning; Flourishing Students, Successful Schools

Martin Seligman’s keynote address to the Wellbeing Before Learning; Flourishing students, successful schools conference