Ibogaine is a powerful indole alkaloid drug with hallucinogenic properties that comes from a West African shrub. The substance was known to be used in West African medicine to treat toothache, fever, and high blood pressure. Some studies have found it to have great potential benefits in treating opioid addiction, but the drug remains illegal in most countries.

Drug Addicts Aren’t the Only Ones Recovering: Iboga Also Found to Cure Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Using the powerful anti-addictive properties of ibogaine, patients are not only able to conquer drug addiction but also cure a wide variety of mental health issues including depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD.

Dying to Get Clean: Is Ibogaine the Answer to Heroin Addiction?

Ibogaine is a drug harvested from the roots of a plant found in Gabon. When all else fails, some heroin addicts have used it to conquer their cravings. But is it effective and are the serious risks it carries worth it?

Ibogaine: One Man’s Journey to Mexico for Psychedelic Addiction Treatment

For decades people have reported [ibogaine] eliminates withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with various drugs. And many say it’s most effective for opioid users.

Yahoo Sports ‘Why not roll the dice?’ Lamar Odom’s risky road back from addiction and depression

It is now more than five years since Odom’s drug abuse prematurely ended his NBA career, destroyed his marriage to Khloe Kardashian and left him comatose for three days in a Las Vegas hospital.


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