Imagination and Creativity

Imagination is the ability to envision a reality that does not yet exist. Creativity is the inspirational energy and skill that allows us to turn that vision into reality. But creativity is not just an artistic ability to create “something from nothing:” it encompasses all manner of ways we synthesize, improve, modify, and personalize the world around us. Any aspect of problem-solving—whether encountered while parenting, teaching, or even debugging a database—relies on an ability to see a possible future and implementing strategies to bring it about. Every human being is capable of being imaginative and creative. While some people are inherently more artistically inclined than others, everyone can enhance their creative abilities with regular practice and by finding places of inspiration that stimulate the mind and heart.


What Does It Mean to Be Human? | Sonia Sanchez | TEDxPhiladelphia

In this captivating reading, legendary poet, activist and scholar Sonia Sanchez explores the most important question of the 21st century: What does it mean to be human?


2021 Distinguished Lecturer Adrienne Maree Brown

A major university and community event, the annual Distinguished Lecturer program brings to campus a prominent humanities scholar whose work highlights the importance of humanities research.


Emma Watson Interviews Author Rebecca Solnit

Emma Watson sits down with author Rebecca Solnit to discuss her books, feminist themes and intersectionality and inclusiveness.


City Arts & Lectures presents Rebecca Solnit & Brit Marling

Rebecca Solnit is an incisive voice on topics ranging from feminism to the environment, western history to literary criticism, and from hope and disaster to popular power and social change.


Sonia Sanchez-Black Arts Movement (Bam) to Hip Hop

This was a panel discussion from a few years back where several members of the Black Arts Movement spoke including poet Sonia Sanchez . They gave up game on the History of the Black Arts Movement, their lives and the role art plays in shaping politics and the world around them.


Bob Dylan Is 50 Today - ABC News - May 24, 1991

Bob Dylan's life and influence on music, culture and society. Includes interviews with Dylan from 1991.