Inner Peace

Inner peace—also understood as serenity, calmness, or stillness and sometimes called equanimity—describes feeling deeply calm. It is the ability to be present in each moment and see one’s own path clearly from a core of stability. Many step onto the road of spirituality in a search to reach this state of being, a state that will keep us balanced, like a gyroscope, no matter how much our inner or outer world is spinning around us. The religious, mystic, and psychological traditions all recognize that we desire a calm inner state and have developed their practices to provide many avenues to reach it. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


A Peaceful Mind in 5 Minutes ~ “Pure Awareness I Am” ~ Mooji Mantra

Moojibaba introduces a simple and potent mantra for stilling the mind. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with mind attacks or mind storms, this chant is a powerful and direct reminder of your true Self.

Inner Peace for Busy People

Inner Peace For Busy People addresses issues of people in the 21st century who feel “crazy busy.

How to Cultivate a Rich Inner Garden

Life will continue to bring change. Cultivating a rich inner garden will help you to stay centered and harmonious in the midst of change.

True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.


Gangaji - the Silent Refuge in the Midst of the Storm

In this clip Gangaji points to the silent refuge, the space within each of us, that is present regardless of our circumstances. Whether a literal storm is raging around us, or a global disaster, our human tendency is to miss what is untouched by what might get better or worse.

Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace

Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace is an important step on the healing journey. Stress kills—there’s no doubt. It eats away at you, affecting your level of happiness, as well as your stomach lining. It raises your blood pressure and directly harms your cardiovascular system.

Practicing Equanimity in a State of Emergency

In these times, we need to stay careful, not fearful. Being in my 70s, I’m in the high-risk COVID-19 demographic. Naturally, I immediately felt scared learning this fact.

The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.


Adyashanti & Mukti: Living from Peace

In this special Open Gate Sangha broadcast, Adyashanti and Mukti introduce our new Peace Room Project and its intentions. Together, they explore their shared commitment to bring forth teachings on the lived experience of being an embodiment of peace in the world.

F**k It: Be at Peace with Life, Just as It Is

Is there a gap between how you’d like things to be and how they are? Most likely there is, and it hurts. It may be a small gap or a freaking enormous ravine, but that gap is, in fact, probably the primary cause of pain and unhappiness for most people.


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