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Aaron Rose Philip on Manifesting the Future of Black Creativity

The model, artist and photographer made history when she walked the Moschino runway in her chair this season. She’s also the first creative we’re spotlighting from the BTF100, debuting today.

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How Lorenza Bottner’s Prescient Art Created Space for Disabled and Trans People

At Documenta 14, the 2017 edition of the touted art festival that takes place once every five years in Kassel, it was an artist heretofore unknown to much of the art world who stole the show: Lorenza Böttner, a German painter, dancer, and performance artist who, in the ’80s and ’90s, began...

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Models Chella Man and Aaron Philip Demand Better Representation for Disabled Communities

Models and best friends Chella Man and Aaron Philip are challenging fashion ideals. The two discuss growing up feeling excluded and invisible and detail the bravery it takes to be the change you want to see.

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