Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational trauma is when the effects of trauma pass from generation to generation in one family through compromised beliefs about life, self, safety, love, and normal behavior. This can result in second- or third-generation family members carrying trauma responses for a trauma they did not actually suffer or witness. Intergenerational trauma can occur both from a family member’s single traumatic incident and from a communal trauma, in which many or all members of a local community experience a singular sustained trauma, such as a pandemic, war, or natural disaster.

My Grandmother’s Hands

America has been dealing with race issues for a long time. Perhaps making more headway requires a different approach—one that’s less conceptual, more body-focused.

The Trauma of an American Untouchable

Arisika Razak shares her reflections on trauma, oppression, and healing the wounds of racism.

Coping with Racial Trauma

The negative effects of racial discrimination and the unfair or prejudicial treatment of individuals on the basis of race on Black Americans are well documented. While individuals of all racial-ethnic minority groups (i.e. Latinx, Indegeounous peoples, etc.

Helping Children of Color Heal from Collective Trauma

At the individual level, the psychological effects of trauma can be acute or long term, depending on a person’s experience and access to care. But at the community level, a complex and collective experience of trauma can lead to irreparable harm that lasts for generations.

Resmaa Menakem on Why Healing Racism Begins with the Body

Trauma therapist and author of My Grandmother's Hands talks honestly and directly about the historical and current traumatic impacts of racism in the U.S., and the necessity for us all to recognize this trauma, metabolize it, work through it, and grow up out of it.

Unpacking the Embodied Plantation Backpack

If you have an African American body, welcome. I wrote this blog post—and the body practice at the end—especially for you. (Everyone else, welcome as well—but please skip the body practice.)

Healing Racialized Trauma Begins with Your Body

This blog is about the healing of your body, mind, and soul — and the healing of our country and our world.

Resmaa Menakem Discusses Healing Racialized Trauma

Resmaa Menakem spoke to Good Day LA's Michaela Pereira to discuss racialized trauma on Dec. 11.


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