Jungian Analysis

Jungian analysis is a type of talk therapy created by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung following his long collaboration with Sigmund Freud. The purpose of Jungian analysis is individuation, or achieving wholeness as a person. The process focuses on integrating the conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind to create balance, and uses personality analysis, dream analysis, and an understanding of the archetypes of the collective unconscious to do this. Jungian analysis is also called Jungian therapy, analytical psychology, or analytical therapy.


Joseph Campbell—Jung, the Self, and Myth

Joseph Campbell begins exploring C.G. Jung’s idea of the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious by looking at Jung’s concepts of the Self and of the Ego, and begins discussing how myth communicates between the two.

Jungian Analysis

This is a revised, updated, and expanded edition of a classic work, a groundbreaking survey of the Jungian approach to therapy in its most important applications. The majority of the contributions have been completely rewritten or replaced, while the remainder have been thoroughly revised.

Carl Jung & Jungian Analytical Psychology

Analytical Psychology is the name given to the psychological-therapeutic system founded and developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961).

We meet no ordinary people in our lives.


Slender Threads: A Conversation with Jungian Analyst and Author Robert A. Johnson

This is a video recording of an interview with Robert A. Johnson, conducted by J. Pittman McGehee in San Diego in 2002.

Man and His Symbols

Man and His Symbols owes its existence to one of Jung's own dreams. The great psychologist dreamed that his work was understood by a wide public, rather than just by psychiatrists, and therefore he agreed to write and edit this fascinating book.

Jungian Therapy: How It Works & What to Expect

Jungian therapy, or Jungian analysis,* is a type of psychodynamic psychotherapy which utilizes the instinctual motivation for psychological development in addition to those of love and power.


How to Start a Dream Journal for Jungian Dream Analysis

In this video, I cover some basic tips for starting your dream journal so that you can begin to do a Jungian dream analysis on your dreams. Dreams are the direct expression of unconscious activity in the psyche.

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

This volume has become known as perhaps the best introduction to Jung's work. In these two famous essays: "The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious" and "On the Psychology of the Unconscious," he presented the essential core of his system.

Carl Jung: Archetypes and Analytical Psychology

Exploring the realm of Carl Jung's collective unconscious and the archetypes that live within it.