Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, affectionate, having concern for others, of taking care of others—all without the expectation of being praised or rewarded. Kindness is valued by most religions, with some defining it as “pure love.” Kindness affects all of us, both those who receive it and those who practice it. Science has shown that giving to others rather than focusing on ourselves brings a long-term sense of well-being, and researchers have found that kindness is the most important predictor of life satisfaction.


David R. Hamilton: The Five Side-Effects of Kindness

In this video Dr. David R. Hamilton reveals the five unexpected (and beneficial!) side-effects of being kind to others.


The Science of Kindness (Life Vest Inside)

Did you know that engaging in ACTS OF KINDNESS is proven to boost serotonin? Serotonin heals your wounds, calms you down and makes you HAPPY! Start your very own Kindness Boomerang with LVI's Act of Kindness cards! Take part in our AOK Card Campaign and Become a Proud Card Carrying Member of Kind...


Health Benefits of Kindness by Allan Luks

Allan Luks one of the pioneers of research on the health benefits of kindness and author of “The Healing Power of Doing Good” explains how a show like The Kindness Effect TV will impact society and improve your health.


The Science-Proven Positive Health Benefits of Kindness

While kindness is important in our interactions with one another, it has positive health effects on yourself and others, too! Happiness Expert Kathie Donovan explains. Cityline is the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in North American history.


Happy Hour: Loving Care for This Body, with Nikki Mirghafori

Dharma talk from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.


11-21-20 Cultivating Kindness to Prevent Harm - BBCorner

Venerable Thubten Lamsel shares how learning about a group of young men accused of murder in the Abbey's local community has prompted her to look deeply at creating the causes never to harm others.