Imagine a snake uncoiling up through your spine to the top of your head, bringing renewed energy through your seven chakras and finally shedding its old skin to reveal more of the true energetic-aware you. Kundalini is divine feminine energy that uncoils herself through our chakras with the purpose of awakening our highest self and leading us to our full spiritual realization. In the kundalini belief system, every human, regardless of religion, culture or belief system, carries this kundalini power and energy as a sacred inner presence, a light and love that helps guide us to our understanding of ultimate reality and enlightenment. Meditation and yoga are the most common tools used to enhance and achieve the goals, nuances, and understanding of kundalini.

Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life

Kundalini has been called the energetic key to enlightenment and the secret to well-being and wisdom. Kundalini is one of the most discussed, but least understood, forms of divine energy.

Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man

Coiled like a snake at the base of the spine, kundalini is the spiritual force that lies dormant in every human being.

Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom

The universal force known as Kundalini has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, yet it influences our every breath, thought, and emotion.

Working with Kundalini: An Experiential Guide to the Process of Awakening

Kundalini awakenings can have profound physical, emotional, and mental effects, making it difficult to cope with everyday life, yet these powerful awakenings can also allow you to release past trauma, see past the illusions of the false self, and awaken your spiritual heart, enabling you to recogniz...

Everyday Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Mantras and Breathing to Empower and Transform Your Life

In this fully illustrated introduction to the wonders of Kundalini, yoga teacher Kathryn McCusker teaches us how to activate the infinite power present in us all.

Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life

With Invincible Living, Guru Jagat shares a radical way of understanding yoga—not just as something to do in practice, but as a broader principle for living.

Spiritual Awakening

In this bundle you will learn what Chakras are, how we discovered their existence and who has them and can heal them. You will find everything you need to know about secret way to perform mind and body balancing practices.

Kundalini: The Secret of Life

Explaining the need for Kundalini awakening, this text describes the experiences that arise once it has taken place and addresses the potential obstacles to attaining the ultimate life goal, liberation.

Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy

Today in the West, scientists and philosophers, mystics and seekers of higher consciousness are intensively searching for means of releasing the vital energy (kundalini) that lies latent in each of us.

The Sacred Power: A Seeker's Guide to Kundalini

Based on scriptural and authoritative works from the East and West, this volume includes the author's own experiences with kundalini (the creative power of the universe) as well as those of other contemporary seekers.


Kundalini Yoga