Lovingkindness as a Buddhist concept (metta in Pali, maitri in Sanskrit) is not an act of doing something nice: it is a state of being focused on compassion toward self and others that is cultivated and maintained by practice (often meditation) and is thought to be essential to freeing ourselves from suffering. It is the antidote to selfishness, anger, and fear. Lovingkindness is also a term used in Judaism (chesed) to refer to kindness between people, devotion toward God, and the love or mercy of God toward humanity.


Three Ways to Practice Loving Kindness / Living Mindfully / Mindful Movement

In today's tip for intentional living, Les shares three different ways to practice lovingkindness meditation, or metta meditation to help you live mindfully.


Practicing Loving-Kindness for Anxiety

After years of practicing anxiety, fear, hatred, depression, and so many other feelings we can conjure up in seconds to carry around with us all day, we become very skilled at feeling things we don't like, and very inexperienced at feeling things we do like.


Guided Meditation for Giving & Receiving Loving Kindness (Happiness, Abundance & Healing)

Welcome to this guided meditation which is designed to train your mind for calm and relaxed moments of positive loving kindness.


Sylvia Boorstein: Wish Yourself Well


The Practice of Loving Kindness ~ Andrew Warr

Andrew Warr has had a regular meditation practice for 40 years and has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation since 1982.


5 Minute Heart Meditation | Kate Johnson | Mndfl Video

A short loving kindness practice for your day, in order to boost empathy and connection with others.


Happy Hour: Appreciating Our Own Goodness

Dharma talk live streaming from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.