Marriage is a persistent human behavior that is present in practically every culture across the globe. It is generally understood that marriage is the legal or religious unification of two people who commit themselves to each other in various forms of romantic, legal, emotional, spiritual, and financial support; however, there are a myriad of differing expectations about what that unification should look like and how it should be maintained. The joys and challenges of staying committed and connected to another person are profound. From deciding on if and when to have children to where to live to how long dirty dishes stay in the sink, navigating life as a married couple is full of negotiations, compromises, and challenged expectations.

Reinventing Rituals: June, a Month of Pride and Same-Sex Marriages

June is full of irony: not only is June Pride month, but it is also the unofficial start to wedding season. So many are still fighting for equal marriage. As I write this, lawmakers in Albany are struggling to garner enough votes to make same-sex marriage legal in New York state.


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