Masculine/Feminine Dynamics

While gender is not a binary—and there are infinite expressions of gender identity within masculinity and femininity themselves—some keen observers have identified common behavioral patterns between men and women within modern gender relations. Whether based on more universal concepts of feminine and masculine energies or on more specific cultural expectations, there is wisdom to be found in exploring the patterns of behavior that can set these two genders at odds with each other. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

The Play of Sexual Polarity and Its Effects on Relationship Choices

Have you ever noticed either in your own or in your friends’ relationships, you can tell when there is a spark of sexual attraction or when there is more of a ‘friend energy’ than that of lovers? This ‘friend energy’ primarily occurs when two people have a lot in common but do not have a s...

Wholeness in Relationships: Expressing Both Masculine and Feminine Energies

We all instinctively understand the basic functions of feminine and masculine energies, but we may not realize that they both exist in each person. More often we tend to associate male and female energies with their respective body types.

Auburndale Native Pens Advice Book on Relationships, Abuse

Tony Gaskins Jr. had relationships with more than one woman at a time. He’s had relationships with women just to make his girlfriend feel bad. He’s had relationships with white women.


Female Empowerment