Meditation is the general term for focused practices that train our attention so we can improve our emotional stability, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Meditation practices are present in many different spiritual and religious traditions, and they have been adapted for many secular purposes regarding physical and mental health. There are dozens of types of meditation, from those focusing on stillness to those focused on movement; from those focusing on a principle, idea, or object to those focusing on emptying the mind from any thoughts at all. Some use meditation to enhance their connection to the transcendent or divine, while others use it to connect to the physical world. Most meditation practices involve attention to breathing, the body, and the present moment; all practices aim to increase the practitioner’s sense of well-being.

The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation

Written in Thich Nhat Hanh’s clear and accessible style, The Long Road Turns to Joy reminds us that we “walk not in order to arrive, but walk just for walking.” Touching the earth with our feet is an opportunity to live in the here and now.

The Monkey Is the Messenger: Meditation and What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You

“My mind is so busy, I really need to meditate.” “My mind is so busy, there’s no way I can meditate.

Secrets of Meditation Revised Edition: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Transformation

Secrets of Meditation shares the wisdom of the ages in order to help you unlock your own personal journey with meditation, powerful intentions, and practical rituals for your everyday life.

Walking Meditation: Easy Steps to Mindfulness

Now including online access to complementary audio and video guided meditations, this book features progressive instruction in basic mindfulness techniques such as conscious breathing and walking mindfully in nature, then proceeds to methods for meditative walking anywhere and any time―even in bus...

Quiet Sitting: The Daoist Approach for a Healthy Mind and Body

Quiet Sitting: The Daoist Approach for a Healthy Mind and Body is a combination of two translated texts from two of the most famous Jing Gong pioneers in China during the early 20th century.

Breath Taking: 60 Breathing Techniques to Enhance Your Health and Joy of Living

Roche answers questions and debunks meditation myths, and gives three easy-to-follow techniques for getting started; "The Do Nothing Technique," "Salute Each of the Senses," and "Feeling at Home Exercise.

Yoga Nidra Meditation: The Sleep of the Sages

Known as the “yoga of conscious sleep,” Yoga Nidra is an ancient Indian practice that allows you to consciously explore the states of wakefulness, dream, and deep sleep as well as your own psyche by combining deep relaxation with attentive awareness.