Meditation is the general term for focused practices that train our attention so we can improve our emotional stability, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Meditation practices are present in many different spiritual and religious traditions, and they have been adapted for many secular purposes regarding physical and mental health. There are dozens of types of meditation, from those focusing on stillness to those focused on movement; from those focusing on a principle, idea, or object to those focusing on emptying the mind from any thoughts at all. Some use meditation to enhance their connection to the transcendent or divine, while others use it to connect to the physical world. Most meditation practices involve attention to breathing, the body, and the present moment; all practices aim to increase the practitioner’s sense of well-being.


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Learn to meditate in ten minutes a day with the Headspace app. Each day, it delivers a new guided meditation based on teachings that Andy Puddicombe, Co-founder of Headspace, learned during the ten years he spent studying meditation and mindfulness in monasteries across Asia.


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All forms of Yogic Meditation practiced today are based on the Yoga Sutras -- a Sanskrit scripture by the ancient Indian sage, Patanjali. This famous text prescribes a sequence of eight specific practices, ending with samadhi, to reach the ultimate goal of spiritual life.


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