Midlife Crisis by chip conley

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What Can People in Their 40’s Expect and Prepare For? | Chip Conley | London Real

Our guest today is Chip Conley, the American hotelier and New York Times bestselling author who helped grow Airbnb into the world’s leading hospitality brand.

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Why Everyone Has Midlife Wrong | Chip Conley on Impact Theory

In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, he talks about wisdom, curiosity, and what it means to live a good life as you age.

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How Midlife Professionals Can Leverage Their Age, Wisdom, and Experience More Powerfully at Work

In our increasingly accelerated world that reveres the young, many midlife professionals sense that the ground is shifting beneath their feet, leaving them feeling invisible, undervalued and threatened by the digital natives nipping at their heels.

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