Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is the link between our non-physical thoughts, attitudes, and patterns of behavior and our physical body and physical health. It’s a cornerstone of holistic medicine that treats the whole person in mind, body, and spirit, not just individual symptoms. There is solid scientific evidence—as well as many long-standing traditional philosophies—that our thoughts have powerful effects on our bodies, and our bodies can in turn influence our patterns of thought. This connection allows us to be conscious partners in our own systems of healing, performance, and overall wellness.

Mapping Stored Emotions in the Body as a Means of Healing Physical Pain

The Body is a map of every experience we ever had. As we bridge the mind body and spirit we can better understand the connection between trapped emotions and physical ailments causing us suffering.

How to Mentally Come Back From a Sports Injury

“We need to do a better job of addressing mental as well as physical aspects of athletic injuries,” sports psychologist Matthew Sacco, PhD, says.

3 Reasons Your Injury Won't Heal + What To Do About It

The next time you pull a muscle and think, “Oh my gosh, not another one,” you may need to consider the location of your pain may not be the cause. If you are plagued with chronic muscle pulls or tendonitis-like symptoms you’ll need a more holistic approach to the problem.

Mind and Body

Dr. Feldenkrais has explored the relationship between experience and motor expression for the past forty years. He developed his work through teaching himself to walk again after suffering a crippling knee injury from playing soccer. This is his original text.

The Feldenkrais Fix

Athletes and people with injuries are (finally) discovering the Feldenkrais Method: a gentle rehabilitation system that teaches the body to move as it should.

What Is Body Mapping?

You may have heard the word "bodymapping" before, but perhaps have not known what exactly it's referring to. Many different disciplines make use of the concept- body work, movement practices, medical professionals, etc. So what is it?

Body Mapping: A Method for Preventing Injury and Limitation

Body mapping is the method founded by William Conable and developed by Barbara Conable to consciously correct a faulty body map in order to rediscover healthy and easeful movement while making music.

Dr. Franz Alexander, 73, Dies; Was Pioneer in Psychosomatics; Analyst Led Chicago Institute for 25 Years—Authority on and Student of Freud

Franz Gabriel Alexander has been described on more than one occasion as the father of psychosomatic medicine. For almost 25 years, he was director of the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis, where he trained many of the leading students of emotional disturbances and psychosomatic diseases.

How to Deal With the Disappointment and Frustration of Being Injured

“There will be a struggle between the mind and body, between attending to the physical injury and maintaining identity by continuing to train.”

Dr. Gabor Maté on Childhood Trauma, the Real Cause of Our Anxiety, and Our 'Insane' Culture

Dr Gabor Maté is a renowned expert in addiction, childhood trauma and mind-body health.


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