Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices include breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation, but mindfulness can also be incorporated into all everyday activities such as walking, eating, and listening. These practices have been shown to lower stress, improve clarity and focus, calm the mind, improve energy and resilience, reduce depression and anxiety, and bring joy. They do not belong to any one tradition but are a universal practice of human consciousness that can benefit anyone. Historically, mindfulness—having compassionate and intentional awareness of the present moment—originated in the practice of yoga, and has been adapted ever since in most religions and spiritual practices of the world.

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6 Steps to Mindful Eating

Many people are searching for the "right way" to eat. The answers you seek can be found by looking inward. Your own body, and particularly your belly, can give you much of the information you need to eat for health, wellbeing, and pleasure.

Q&A: Lynn Rossy Talks Mindful Eating

The health psychologist gives us the scoop on how to be knowledgeable about your meals.

Want to Eat Mindfully? Remember the Basics

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