Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk refers to the critical inner dialogue that often has us questioning our abilities, shaming ourselves, and cynically commenting on our own hopes and expectations. This chatter often overwhelms any positive self-talk and can lead to a sense of fear, failure to act, and significant suffering. Many of us experience negative self-talk without realizing it, but once we can hear what we’re telling ourselves, we can learn to counter our inner critic and take better advantage of our full capabilities.


This Neuroscientist Shows You the Secrets to Obtaining a Growth Mindset | Andrew Huberman

Celebrate small victories. Your thoughts are a choice. Move towards fear. Lean into your negative experiences. No matter what the question is, action is the answer. Meditate. Breathe deeply.


The Most Powerful Mindset for Success


Lisa Wimberger - Shake It Off (Neurosculpting Practice)

Neurosculpting author, Lisa Wimberger walks through a practice about how to cast off the negative energy in your body and expand your body, mind, and spirit.


Positive Self-Talk