Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine is the study of the nutritional value of food and how diet affects health and well-being. A nutritional medicine practitioner views food from a therapeutic perspective and provides dietary advice (sometimes recommending nutritional supplements as well) to help in the treatment of health conditions.

Putting It All Together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition

The orthomolecular concept is a simple one, using optimal nutrition to combat, heal and prevent physical and mental illness. Orthomolecular nutrition is based on diets and food supplements of essential vitamins and minerals specifically selected to solve individual problems and needs.

Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia

Orthomolecular medicine can be effective in the treatment of schizophrenia, a mental disorder often treated with drugs. Deficiency often plays a major role in the onset of this condition. Thus, nutritional supplementation is integral to Dr. Hoffers approach to schizophrenia.

Niacin: The Real Story

Niacin (vitamin B3) is a small molecule made of only 14 atoms, smaller even than the simplest sugar. But this one molecule has profound effects on health: it plays a role in more than 500 reactions in the body.

The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease

Don't bother looking in the history books for what has killed the most Americans. Look instead at our dinner tables. We eat too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods.

Hospitals and Health: Your Orthomolecular Guide to a Shorter, Safer Hospital Stay

This book looks at how hospital care got on the wrong track, from historical and economic perspectives. It then offers suggestions for minimizing the risks of a hospital stay and ways to improve your on experience.

Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians

Recently, interest in nutritional medicine, and how to use it properly, has increased enormously, and many people are already taking supplemental vitamins in larger than standard dietary doses. Orthomolecular medicine believes that the basis for health is good nutrition.


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