Passion is the spark—the strong feeling, the jolt of emotion, the sheer exuberance—that propels us toward action. Whether for a person, a cause, or a skill, passion can feel like a furnace of energy driving us forward. Passion can be a great asset, but it can also cause us challenges: unbridled passion makes us feel out of control—doing things that may hurt ourselves and others—while losing a once-strong passion can leave us feeling cold and listless inside. If we have never found anything that stirs our sense of passion, or if we have been told what ignites our passions are wrong, dangerous, or even worthless, we can feel that something is wrong with us. The truth is that passion is a feeling; like all feelings, it comes and goes to different degrees, depending on our circumstances and personalities. Finding and feeding our passions is an interior journey—an exploration of self to find what resonates with our souls.


Stop Searching for Your Passion | Terri Trespicio | TEDxKC

What are you passionate about? You’re told these five words hold the key to a successful career and life purpose. What if it’s the wrong question altogether? This talk turns the ubiquitous “find your passion” message on its ear.


Why "Find Your Passion" Is Terrible Advice

Why? Because your passion isn’t “missing,” and it’s not waiting to be “found.” And if you’re living your life thinking it’s some treasure that you just have to find, it’ll make you feel lost and confused and overwhelmed. You’ll always feel stuck or like something is missing.


How to Find Your Passion in Life in 2020 | Find Your True Purpose Ft. Tom Bilyeu


Steve Jobs - Why Is Passion Important in Life

A clip from the All things digital conference (WSJ) with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as Speakers. A very enriching conference that gives insight into what the greats think and what is it that they do different. One thing different is passion. Here is a clip from that conference.


How to Find and Do Work You Love | Scott Dinsmore | TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

Scott Dinsmore's mission is to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing.


Allow things to unfold and you will find your purpose in life - Peggy Oki - TEDxQueenstown

With an appreciation of flow and motion Peggy's life has been always been driven by passion. From surfing and skateboarding to the intimate appreciation what she calls the 'Cetacean Nation'.


How to Find What Your Passion Is in 5 Minutes - Sadhguru | Motivational Video for Success | MOI 2019

If you struggle and have a hard time finding your passion then this video is for you. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev shows the way through which anyone can find his/her life passion. One of the Most Eye-Opening video.


Finding Your Life’s Purpose—Passion


5 Rules to Follow as You Find Your Spark by Simon Sinek

In this video from our Signature Event, author, optimist & TED celebrity, Simon Sinek, gives 5 rules to follow as you find your spark.


STOP searching for your passion and do this instead | Mel Robbins

Looking for your passion? If you find it, congrats! For many, the idea of searching for your passion causes more stress and concern over the future than necessary. Truth is, the things that energize you are going to change frequently and over time.


Search for Purpose