Passion is the spark—the strong feeling, the jolt of emotion, the sheer exuberance—that propels us toward action. Whether for a person, a cause, or a skill, passion can feel like a furnace of energy driving us forward. Passion can be a great asset, but it can also cause us challenges: unbridled passion makes us feel out of control—doing things that may hurt ourselves and others—while losing a once-strong passion can leave us feeling cold and listless inside. If we have never found anything that stirs our sense of passion, or if we have been told what ignites our passions are wrong, dangerous, or even worthless, we can feel that something is wrong with us. The truth is that passion is a feeling; like all feelings, it comes and goes to different degrees, depending on our circumstances and personalities. Finding and feeding our passions is an interior journey—an exploration of self to find what resonates with our souls.

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