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How Naomi Osaka Became the Highest-Paid Female Athlete Ever | Forbes

Naomi Osaka was only a year old when Serena Williams won her first grand slam title in 1999. Nineteen years later, Osaka beat Williams at the U.S. Open finals to win her first grand slam.

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The Life of Naomi Osaka

Since she first beat her childhood idol Serena Williams, being in the spotlight thrust her into depression. She just quit the French Open citing concerns over her mental health. This is the story of Naomi Osaka.

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Naomi Osaka: “If You Don’t Fit the Expectation, Change It” | #StrongerTogether

Naomi Osaka is proof that the definition of an Olympian is broader than people think. The tennis star encourages girls all over the world to embrace their individuality. To be the ones who get to change the expectation.

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