Poverty and Economic Inequality

Poverty and economic inequality are multidimensional, chronic, and debilitating systemic problems. While they are the products of deliberate economic policies made by those in power, they are often falsely treated as the personal failings of individuals within an otherwise healthy system. Poverty describes the inability to meet basic food, clothing, and shelter needs, while economic inequality describes the larger pattern of a persistent unequal distribution of wealth within a society or country. Those suffering from poverty or economic inequality are at a perpetual disadvantage to improve their economic stability due to the limited or unjust environmental, educational, judicial, and healthcare resources that are the intended or unintended consequences of political decisions. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Standing with the Poor

"We need to articulate clearly what roles government, civil society, and corporations play in creating ecosystems for social innovations to grow, scale up, and connect to existing markets."

Realities Missing from Political Debates

Children can only grow to be productive workers, tax-paying citizens, and fully functional human beings if provided high-quality care by parents and other caregivers long before they start kindergarten.

Life’s Work: An Interview with Megan Rapinoe

The bold and brash captain of the U.S. women’s soccer team cemented her place in sports history with an MVP performance in last year’s World Cup, including spot-on penalty kicks under pressure, even as President Donald Trump tweeted criticisms of her.

Happy Together

When we stop focusing on ourselves, we begin to see that our happiness is dependent on the happiness of all beings. Gaylon Ferguson examines the political, social, and environmental implications.

Marianne Williamson: Love Is the Bottom Line

Twenty years after she introduced a new generation to A Course in Miracles in her bestselling book, A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson is still taking on the world—with a renewed call to political activism.

The Story of How LaRayia Gaston Founded Lunch On Me Will Move You to Take Action

If you think your actions alone aren't enough to make a meaningful change, then read this.


Social Justice