Psychedelic Journey

A psychedelic journey is the altered state of consciousness experienced when one consumes a psychedelic substance such as psilocybin, ayahuasca, LSD, or DMT. Depending on the substance used, a variety of different experiences can occur, ranging from heightened senses, states of euphoria or peacefulness, vivid mental imagery, and even mystical or spiritual encounters. A person can also experience a "bad trip," which can include feelings of anxiety, paranoia, agitation, confusion, or even psychotic episodes. While some believe that difficult trips can be doorways to important growth opportunities, it is highly recommended that anyone seeking a psychedelic experience is aware of the risks and does so with a “trip sitter,” someone who can keep an eye on the person and ensure they remain safe while journeying.


Michael Pollan - Psychedelics and How to Change Your Mind | Bioneers

As one of our most brilliant and clear-eyed explorers of such topics as plant intelligence and how we feed ourselves, Michael will share his luminous insights from what began as investigative reportage and became a very personal interior journey into the mystery of consciousness and the nature of sp...


Michael Pollan: Magic Mushrooms and LSD Could Help Solve Mental Health Crisis | ITV News

Could psychedelics cure an anxious mind? Author and journalist Michael Pollan thinks so. He spoke to ITV News Science Editor Tom Clarke about his bestseller ‘How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics’.


The Science of Psychedelics with Michael Pollan

How could LSD and psilocybin help with mental health, palliative care and addictive behaviours? What was the point of a psilocybin mushroom evolving the way that it did? Michael Pollan explores the “second wave” of international research and discusses what psychedelic drugs may teach us about th...


Jamie Wheal - Rethinking God, Sex and Death for a World That's Lost Its Mind - Part 1/2 | London Real

Jamie Wheal is the Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and expert in the neuro-physiology of human performance. For over a decade he has advised Fortune 500 companies like Google, Nike, and Red Bull, as well as the U.S. Naval War College, on strategy, execution, and leadership.


Dennis McKenna: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been (Portland Psychedelic Conference 2018)

This is a recording from Portland Psychedelic Conference 2018


Ralph Metzner: Death


Robert Jesse: Psilocybin Occasions Mystical Experiences Having Sustained Spiritual Significance

Robert Jesse is the organiser of the Council on Spiritual Practices, which aims to shift modernity's awareness and practices with respect to primary religious experience.


Horizons 2009: Bob Jesse "Entheogens, Awakening, and Spiritual Development"

Profound experiences of non-dual consciousness sometimes lead to lasting, and lastingly beneficial, changes in values and behavior.


Robert Jesse "Psychedelics: The Uncertain Paths from Re-emergence to Renaissance"

Robert Jesse will offer a view, spanning the decade from the birth of Horizons to the present day, of the significant developments that have occurred in several areas of our field. Surely they amount to a re-emergence of psychedelics. People speak of a renaissance.


Rick Doblin & Natalie Ginsberg: Rescheduling MDMA - History, Present and Future

Natalie Ginsberg, MAPS Policy and Advocacy Manager will interview Rick Doblin, Ph.D.


Psychedelic Research