Psychic Abilities

The term “psychic abilities” can refer to a range of skills involving the ability to access information through means beyond the typical sensory perceptions of the average person. This can include clairvoyance, communication with spirits or animals, medical intuition, mediumship, prophecy, spiritual healing, and many other forms of extrasensory perception. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Far Journeys

The sequel to Monroe's Journey Out Of The Body is an amazing parapsychological odyssey that reflects a decade of research into the psychic realm beyond the known dimensions of physical reality.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development

Explore your Inner Temple―your personal sacred space where there are no boundaries and all things are possible.

The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-of-Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer

In 1971 Doubleday published a book called Journeys Out of the Body, a Virginia businessman's memoir of his weird and wonderful adventures on other planes of reality.

Ultimate Journey

In 1958, a successful businessman named Robert Mornroe began to have experiences that drastically altered his life.

Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science, Understanding the Nature and Power of Consciousness

Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science is a primer on psychic research, life's purpose, and the meaning of the universe. Originally published in 1974, this landmark anthology of nearly thirty chapters on every area of psychic research is finally available again. Edgar D.

Inner Knowing: Consciousness, Creativity, Insight, and Intuition

Inner Knowing illustrates that the human mind possesses the capability to consistently function at significantly high levels of perception, creativeness, and intuitiveness. Indeed, everyone has at one time in his life experienced a sense of mindful clarity that led to a Eureka! moment.

Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1: A Seth Book

In this first volume of Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Seth takes us on an odyssey to identify the origins of our universe and our species.

The Roots of Consciousness: Psychic Liberation Through History, Science, and Experience

Traces historical and modern scientific efforts to investigate and understand the supernatural world and psychic experiences and surveys contemporary theories, experiences, and personalities relating to parapsychology.