Quantum Physics

The principles of quantum physics have unlocked new depths of understanding about the connections between energy and matter, and many hypothesize about how quantum principles may be the basis of our spiritual experiences and consciousness. These discussions and theories are sometimes referred to as quantum mysticism, and they offer intriguing ways to look at the cohesiveness and interconnectedness of the universe. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Do Quantum Effects Play a Role in Consciousness?

The role of biophotons in the brain is a growing area of research in neurobiology – and where there are photons there might be quantum mechanics. Betony Adams and Francesco Petruccione explore this developing, and contentious, field of quantum biophysics.

Does Our Brain Really Create Consciousness?

The brain creates the images, thoughts, feelings and other experiences of which we are aware, but awareness itself is already present.

Interview with Fritjof Capra—From Matter to Pattern: Buddhism and Biology

In his writing and activist work, Fritjob Capra is committed to using the new discoveries of science as a foundation for both spiritual transformation and ecological awareness.


Science and Spirituality