Racial Healing

Racial healing refers to the process of how a culture or community attempts to reconcile after certain members have been oppressed, discriminated against, and had their rights violated because of their real or perceived ethnic background. It involves accounting for many different perspectives on justice and healing, and it is impossible to achieve without listening to and trusting the experiences of those who do not fit the culture’s default standard appearance. When those who have benefitted from racial oppression are willing to accept the injustice of those benefits, we become capable of working collectively to dismantle entrenched systems that uphold racism and transform our environments to benefit all.

‘What I Know’: A Black Woman’s Words

“Being Black overrides everything for me. Nothing is as thunderous in my life as racism. It seems to eclipse everything. It’s the repetitiveness of it. And the fact that it comes from every corner and nook.”

A Conversation with Alice Walker

The bestselling author discusses her role as a global citizen and her connection with nature, history, and activism

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Serene Jones reflects on the meaning of Thanksgiving when so many in the United States face poverty, inequality, racism and more.

White Supremacy Is Our Country’s Original Sin

The legacy of slavery, the genocide of Native Americans and the exploitation of immigrants remain unresolved and largely unacknowledged.