Racism is not just overt acts of prejudice, bigotry, and hate. It is the systemic oppression of people based on ethnicity or skin color through a culture’s power structures, social institutions, and customs. Racism can be explicitly stated in a society’s laws, but it is also implicitly enforced in the stories it tells about itself and its history: which people can be beautiful, smart, and brave, and which are dangerous, dirty, or lazy. Everyday people unknowingly perpetuate racism through microaggressions: small, subtle, and socially learned behaviors like assuming someone of a different ethnicity was born in another country or viewing certain natural hair types as “dirty” or “unprofessional.” We can unintentionally inflict harm on others by not examining the assumptions we learn from growing up in a biased culture, but understanding how racism perpetuates itself is the first step in working toward healing its harm.


Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. How Is It Different From PTSD? - AJ+ Opinion

How is Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome different from PTSD? Dr. Joy DeGruy explains how trauma can be passed on generation after generation. How is Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome different from PTSD? Dr. Joy DeGruy explains how trauma can be passed on generation after generation.


Francesca Maximé – Rerooted – Ep. 13 – Resmaa Menakem

In this episode of the Rerooted Podcast, Francesca shares a conversation with author, social worker, and psychotherapist Resmaa Menakem around working with racialized trauma on a collective level.


Godcast Episode 146: Resmaa Menakem

New York Times Best Selling writer, author of "My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies", Resmaa Menakem joins the chat.


Minority Mental Health Month: Racism and OCD

As a continuation of our Minority Mental Health Month series, join Jenny Yip, PsyD, ABPP, Monnica Williams, PhD, and Valerie Andrews for a discussion of racism and OCD.


Marginalized Voices, Racial Trauma, and the Psychedelic Healing Movement

Monnica T. Williams, Ph.D., ABPP, is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, Canada Research Chair in Mental Health Disparities, and Director of the Laboratory for Culture and Mental Health Disparities.


Horizons 2018: Monnica Williams Ph.D. “Race-Based Trauma"

“Race-Based Trauma: The Challenge and Promise of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy” Monnica Williams, Ph.D.


Monnica Williams - The Experience of Racism is an Assault on Mental Health.

My guest on the show today is Dr. Monnica T. Williams, certified licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Monnica is researching how PTSD symptoms can result from racism and what racial trauma and race-based trauma look like.


Race and Psychedelics With Dr. Monnica T. Williams

In this timely webinar - moderated by Chief Psychologist (USA) Dr. Dominique Morisano - clinical psychologist and thought-leader Dr.


Psychedelic Psychotherapy is Coming: Who Will be Included? | PLS

Recently, there has been much excitement in the potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to address a multitude of mental health conditions, including depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, addiction, end-of-life anxiety, and others. However, not everyone has been included.


A Therapist Breaks Down How Our Bodies Carry Racial Trauma

There’s growing research into racism’s real impact on the body, especially how stress can impact health and how your DNA works. Resmaa Menakem, a therapist and trauma specialist has been drawing on this research for years.


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