Resilience is not merely endurance: it is the long-term ability to adjust to and healthily “bounce back” to our original state after periods of stress. Resilience is not just a matter of “shrugging off” or ignoring stress; it requires strategies both for managing stress and for periods of rest and recovery to recharge after the stressor is removed. And while some are more innately in tune to what most effectively works for them, our capacities for resilience can be built over time with observation, experience, and support.


The Fires of Grief Are Burning: A Message from Dr. Larry Ward

A message from Dr. Larry Ward in response to what’s happening in America right now.


Maya Angelou’s Poem “The Mask”

As seen on Bobby Jones.


Taking the Arrow Out of Your Heart with Alice Walker

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, shares her perspective on cultivating resilience and equanimity by mindfully tending to painful wounds caused by sorrow, anger or despair.


Asian-American Olympians Share Their Experiences Representing Team USA

Asian-American athletes have had a really tough year facing racism and discrimination linked to the COVID-19 pandemic all while working hard to represent their country at the Olympics. NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen spoke with some team U.S.A.


Lama Rod Owens: The Principles of Resiliency and Self-Preservation for People of Color

Lama Rod Owens asks the question, "What is required of you to liberate yourself from your suffering? How do I restore myself so I can do liberation work and engage with community?" Authentic liberation looks different for everyone.


Native Americans Know How Place Affects Health | Place Matters Oregon | OHA

For thousands of years, the Klamath Tribes have had a deep physical and spiritual connection to southern Oregon. But in 1954, the U.S. government took over their tribal lands there.


The Inner Work of Racial Justice | Rhonda Magee | TEDxMarin

Illuminating a path each of us can follow to a life filled with far greater racial awareness, connection, and joy. Rhonda V. Magee (M.A. Sociology, J.D.


Sankofa: Reclaiming Humanity, Joy & Wellbeing for People of African Ancestry | Jenée Johnson