Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality have often seemed at odds, with religions frequently persecuting scientific discovery as heretical and science labeling religion as fanatical nonsense. The reality, however, is that both are important to our experience as individuals and as a whole. Spirituality gives purpose, value, and meaning to science, and scientific breakthroughs are often born from wonder and appreciation for the natural world, manifested divine influence, and our human experience. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Day 1 a.m.—Mind and Life XXVI: Mind, Brain and Matter

Morning session of the first day of the Mind and Life XXVI conference from Drepung Monastery in Mundgod, Karnataka, India, held on January 17–22, 2013.


Robert Thurman- Buddhist Contributions to Physics, Biology, and Psychology


Buddha's Message: Have Some Fun! Bob Thurman

Bob Thurman delights the audience at SAND 2018 with his light-hearted approach to the wisdom and the message of Buddha.


Nikki Mirghafori: Perceptions of Time

Dharma talk live streaming from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.


Meditation and the Science of Human Flourishing Workshop—Part 3

Can we cultivate well-being in the same way that we can train our bodies to be healthier and more resilient? If so, how might we use the practice of meditation to experience equanimity, to open our hearts fully to others, and to cultivate insight and wisdom? In this workshop, two world-renowned exp...